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Craft and Party Plastic Banquet Table Roll 100cm x 30m (Silver)

Craft and Party Plastic Banquet Table Roll 100cm x 30m (Silver)

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Plastic Banquet Table Roll, can be used in both 40 Inches x 100 Feet (unfolded) or 20 Inches x 100 feet (folded). Superior Quality: Our banquet table roll is crafted from premium-grade plastic material, ensuring exceptional durability and tear-resistance. This means you can confidently set up your tables without worrying about any accidental spills or tears during the event. Generous Size: With a length of 100 feet and a width of 40 inches, our table roll is designed to comfortably cover multiple tables, making it ideal for large gatherings. Easily customize the size to fit your tables perfectly, providing a seamless and professional look. Time-Saving and Convenient: Unlike traditional tablecloths, our roll offers effortless setup and cleanup. Simply unroll the desired length, cut, and drape it over your tables. When the event is over, gather the table covering, and dispose of it responsibly – no washing or laundry required! Versatile Use: Not just limited to banquet tables, our plastic roll can also be used for buffet stations, outdoor picnics, arts and crafts activities, and more. Its a practical and multi-purpose addition to your event planning supplies.

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